I have now come to the sudden realization that UCC is trying to kill me this came to me after having a plate of spaghetti with black pepper that had been sitting in my fridge for a month now. I took so many pointless courses last semester (a dark time which I deny so hard that there is an entire section of my memory which I’ve had to blank out through the combined effort of willpower and hate) I mean what is the essence of taking Comm Skills and African Studies when I’m here to read biology. I’m taking 9 courses this semester (mostly biology), my class schedule is so packed I barely have time to lurk in the shadows and fight crimes any more (I’m willing to bet Bruce Wayne didn’t have to deal with this crap) Sadly I’ve arrived at the thought that I cant be batman any more, I really dont think I may be able to handle all the late night shifts. My stupid frail human body cant seem to keep up with my brain anymore, I’m mostly tired to even read anything, you should think I may be used to this now but I feel this place gets worse the higher you go, ask any graduate and they’ll confirm what I’m telling you, if the dont, call them lairs and possibly set fire to their degrees only if you can get your hands on them. Another thing I dont get is the 6:30am lectures and 5:00 am quizzes, I love my biology to bits but 4am is too damn early to be waking up. If you are wondering how I got time to write a post bitching about how I don’t have time to do anything other than go for lectures, I wrote this on a Friday, a day I’m mostly free on (Thank God its Friday right?) Makes you wonder the point in being alive Monday to Thursday. Doesn’t it?