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hello! Rowie here! just dropping this dialogue… i co wrote it with somebody.. ok done here… going away… bye…


Her: In a whisper “You should have just asked”

Him: “what?”

Her: “I said, you should have just asked. I would have helped. I would have been there for you”

Him: “I didn’t know… I didn’t think it was important enough… I didn’t think you would make the trip… I thought”

Her: “Next time, don’t think.”

Him: “what?”

Her: “Next time, don’t think through it, don’t weigh the pros and cons, and don’t measure the need. Don’t think. Just do. Just call me”

Him: “I’m sorry”

Her: “don’t be silly! Foolish boy…. As if you don’t have a phone too!”  What happened to the iPhone 4S I bought you?!”

Him: “Oh.. hmmm.. it fell in the water when I was bathing…”

Her: “herh! Kwassiaaa!….. 800 Ghana cedis t) nsuom?!….. We…

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The DC Comics character known as The Huntress is on her way to Arrow‘s Starling City, and based on this bevy of photos, she and Oliver make a not-unattractive pair.

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In keeping with one of the character’s DC iterations, The Huntress (played here by Jessica De Gouw) is the alter ego of Helena Bertinelli, daughter of mob boss Frank Bertinelli (24‘s Jeffrey Nordling). Oliver finds in Helena someone he can finally be himself with, yet soon comes to realize she’s hiding deadly secrets of her own — namely, her own personal mission of vengeance. De Gouw will appear in at least two episodes.

Also glimpsed in these photos from the episode “Muse of Fire,” airing Nov. 21 on The CW, is Battlestar alum Tahmoh Penikett, playing mob boss Bertinelli’s…

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