Rowie Lives

waking up late, rushing to lectures,
Always rushing to and from lectures,
Finishing up an almost-due assignment,
Always hungry. Always tired.

This is what college life does to me.
On the bad days….

On my way to a lecture,
Stopping to chat with friends,
I’m late….. Rushing to class.
Tweeting throughout the lecture,
Scribbling and doodling in my notebook,
Sleeping in-between lectures,
Skipping lectures, missing lectures.
doing assignments on the morning they’re due.

That’s what college life does to me
on the good days…

Getting up early, reading before lectures.
Going to class 10 mins to time.
Paying attention in class, taking notes,
Contributing, asking serious questions,
going to the library after class
Reading lecture slides and notes,
Finishing assignments ahead of time..

That’s what college life does to me
In my parent’s mind…

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