Steel and Bone

Steel and bone is an improv blog, featuring various short stories, or even long stories written by different people, in different ways.

For example:

Each character in each story is written by an individual person. These people write ONLY the lines for their characters for each scene and have no idea what the other characters do, see, hear, feel or say.

They have no idea which way the story goes, we give them general guidelines, then they’re on their own.


A group of people, each take a turn writing a paragraph of 100 – 250 words in an ever changing story, where they have full creative control to do ANYTHING, so long as they do it within their paragraph.

We are always looking for contributors as stories are always changing and fluid.

Contact me on twitter (@8BitBatman) if you are interested in contribution.

Our first story; “Dirty Dreams of Whiskey and…

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