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Dear Diary,

I don’t need to tell you what day it is today. You already know it’s my birthday.

Today was a fun day! Daddy got me the bike I wanted! It has spangles and a bell that can play my voice! And it has glitter all over the front and it’s pink just like I wanted! And all my friends came over and we had the big party! We had a cake, and a clown and lots of toffees and chocolate! This was my best birthday ever!

Aunty Rebecca came over, the one that’s not really my aunty but is daddy’s friend and mummy got sad a little but she said there was something in her eyes. That was after Aunty Rebecca was helping Daddy straighten his contacts in the bedroom. I went there and Aunty Rebecca was really close to daddy and was holding his face and their…

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Steel and Bone

Steel and bone is an improv blog, featuring various short stories, or even long stories written by different people, in different ways.

For example:

Each character in each story is written by an individual person. These people write ONLY the lines for their characters for each scene and have no idea what the other characters do, see, hear, feel or say.

They have no idea which way the story goes, we give them general guidelines, then they’re on their own.


A group of people, each take a turn writing a paragraph of 100 – 250 words in an ever changing story, where they have full creative control to do ANYTHING, so long as they do it within their paragraph.

We are always looking for contributors as stories are always changing and fluid.

Contact me on twitter (@8BitBatman) if you are interested in contribution.

Our first story; “Dirty Dreams of Whiskey and…

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I have now come to the sudden realization that UCC is trying to kill me this came to me after having a plate of spaghetti with black pepper that had been sitting in my fridge for a month now. I took so many pointless courses last semester (a dark time which I deny so hard that there is an entire section of my memory which I’ve had to blank out through the combined effort of willpower and hate) I mean what is the essence of taking Comm Skills and African Studies when I’m here to read biology. I’m taking 9 courses this semester (mostly biology and chemistry related). I’m not really complaining but my class schedule is so packed I barely have time to lurk in the shadows and fight crimes any more,

SANTIAGO CAZORLA!!! Arsenal’s new boy

Arsenal have completed the signing of Santiago Cazorla from Malaga for an undisclosed fee. He is the third summer signing made by manager Arsene Wenger following the arrival of Lukas Podolski and Oliver Giroud. This has been a very busy summer for the gunners not just with signing but also with player contracts( But that is a story for another day). The Cazorla signing excites and fills me with hope for the coming season. Last season was terrible even though we managed to finish third in the EPL.


He is scheduled to play in the team’s final pre season game against teammate’s Poldolski’s former club Cologne on sunday

Below is his first interview as an Arsenal player

Sounds like he is ready to play for the best club in the world.

Some videos of him to get you excited about his signing

That is him against madrid Santi Cazorla vs Real Madrid |2nd Leg| 2012

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