Rowie Lives

Ewurabena knew that the only way to get mama’s attention was to create a scene without it being obvious that she was creating a scene because if mama or papa was able to guess that Ewurabena was creating a scene, they would beat her so hard, she wouldn’t be able to sit still for the rest of the day. Ewurabena also knew that papa and mama were the smartest people in the village and so tricking them was going to be very difficult but she had to try. She had to try because a life depended on it. The life of her friend Kukua.

This whole trouble started three days ago when Kukua asked a question in English class. Ewurabena had no idea why Kukua did that. Nobody asked questions in English class. Not even the dumb boy who had been set back from the upper class and asked questions…

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Please Don’t Put Humpty Together Again

Lily Wight


     Updated 22/07/2014

     Billy Majestic’s arresting Graphic Novel, Humpty Dumpty is a Science Fiction/Horror yarn and definitely not recommended for children.

     Vivid colours and smooth digital blending achieve a film-like look; entirely appropriate for a snappy origin tale which plays like a movie storyboard and makes no qualms about its B-Movie intentions.

     Redneck grotesques, small-town cops and ethereal aliens provide familiarity whilst the titular Humpty is an atrocity to remind you of the heyday of direct-to-video prosthetic horrors.  Humpty’s conception and birth stray into uncomfortable exploitation territory but once the monster madness is underway sequels seem both likely and gory good fun.

     For more unique images follow the link to The Gallery.

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The Joker Vrs Bane

Let me start by saying everyone likes the Batman right? If you dont then I wonder what the hell you’ve been doing with your life.

who is the better villian?

If you haven’t seen any of Nolan’s Batman movies (highly impossible) then i suggest you go find them, buy a six pack and enjoy that wonderful piece of art. Pay close attention to his last two installments i.e The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises watch the men who wants to destroy Gotham and try as much as possible to ignore Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman).  I wanted to post this piece last week  but I decided to wait until you all get a chance to see TDKR,

The Joker was a clever and methodical man  who always spotted a smiling yet scary face and his character was played perfectly by Heath Ledger (RIP). I honestly dont think anyone can top that performance

Then we have Bane a gigantic mountain of a man who famously broke Batman’s back. He was played by Tom Hardy who did a pretty good job. He managed to strike fear in the whole of Gotham and you should just see what he does with his eyes each scene.

Before I go let me leave you these

Greatest Villian Ever

If both DNA were genetically mixed in my super lab

You wouldn’t want to mess with this guy

So who was the better Villian? You decide